Nursery sessions are fun, healthy and educational and use a variety of seasonal ingredients.  The children learn about a food of the week which features as one of the ingredients.  During the cooking session they develop their cooking skills and have lots of hands-on fun while producing something yummy to take home!  They also receive a recipe and an activity sheet at the end of the session.

We receive lots of positive feedback from parents who say that their children really enjoy the sessions, are keen to reproduce the recipes at home and are more willing to try new foods as a result of the sessions. 

Some nurseries prefer to pay directly for sessions.  Other settings offer Top Banana Cooking Club as an extra-curricular activity that the parents sign up for.   Top Banana Cooking will provide the sessions that fit in best with your nursery.

James loved the cooking so much – it was his favourite activity at nursery and he loves cooking here at home with us and with his nanny.  He is often telling us how to tickle the flour mixture 🙂” 

Holly has had such a fantastic time with you – as did Rebecca previously. They both have tremendous confidence in the kitchen and are proud of their bakes. Thank you for 4.5 years of lessons in total!”