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Top Banana offers nursery sessions for children aged from 2 years. Each session offers:

A simple cooking activity: Recipes are sweet or savoury and use healthy ingredients.

An additional learning activity: We learn more about food and where it comes from through simple crafts, games and computer activities.

Freshly made food that the children can eat for a snack or take home.

A recipe card to take home.

Flexibility: we can adapt to your setting and the facilities available. Sessions can be regular or ad hoc and we can plan bespoke sessions to fit around specific themes or topics.

Top Banana sessions support many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. As well as learning basic cooking skills and improving their awareness of food and nutrition, children also develop their fine motor, numeracy, communication and creative skills. Through improving their awareness of food and nutrition they are developing their understanding of the world.

Banana Character Image